The best way to manage, track and analyze is to Visualize Check out our two software platforms and their included features.

Visualize your facility and assets like you never thought possible.

Choose from three software platforms to meet your technical and business needs.

Asset Management

Rack building, cable management, limitless attribute tracking, service events, and warranty information are the core asset management features. Centralize your device data repository to ease management of distributed locations.

Capacity Planning

Understand current usage of key metrics such as space, power and cooling as compared to capacity limits. Model these current values and limits against planned projects to ensure capacity is present to complete projects.

Change Management

Fully integrated and native capability to generate Projects, Tasks and Work Orders. Plan and reserve asset deployments while generating the required tasks and work orders for their execution to reduce time to deployment and accuracy of implementation work.

Power Monitoring

Collect and report on key power, energy and cooling data such as rated kW, derated kW, actual kW, utilization percentages, kWh and cost. Customer chargeback reporting allows for easy mapping of power, energy consumption and related costs to owners of equipment.

Environmental Monitoring

Temperature and humidity data createsrealtime thermal imaging profiles of the floor. Other key data such as leak detection, door closure, air pressure or other contact closure data can easily be displayed as well.

IT/VM Monitoring

Consolidate monitored and attribute data for wide array of IT assets including physical servers, VM Hosts, VM Guests, Switches, Rack PDUs and more. Easily view connections, dependencies, applications and more with our easy to use IT dashboard tools.


Visual Data Center

Our flagship product was launched in 2008 and has been deployed globally to some of the largest companies in the world. Scalable data collection, advanced 3D graphics and a wide array of data center management and monitoring capabilities firmly establishes this as one of the best Enterprise DCIM solutions in the world.

Visual Cloud Manager

Imagine a web based solution with 3D graphics capabilities which can be delivered as a virtual server image or on an appliance. This solution can manage assets, monitor servers, switches, Rack PDU, virtual hosts/guests and provides a native project workflow tool. This is our rising star of software applications and comfortably handles large data center environments or can be used to manage devices commonly found in retail, convenience, hotel, residential environments as well.

Visual Asset Manager

A cloud based solution which meets all of the core asset management needs for small and large customers. Loaded with features such as Rack Building, Port Mapping, Workflow Tools, Bulk Import Tools, Ad Hoc Reporting, etc, this application will eliminate the need for Excel and Visio drawings which fail to meet the enterprise level requirements for proper asset management and tracking. Utilize the 3D graphical floor and rack interface to visually build, manage and track assets within your organization.

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