Visual Cloud Manager Merges Into Visual Data Center

Date: January 3, 2017

Optimum Path is pleased to announce the release of version 5.1.0 of its flagship product Visual Data Center. The new version provides significant enhancements to the features and functions in the web interface. The features include a full floorplan design studio, rack building, port mapping, layer views and other features which were previously only available in the Visual Data Center 3D client.

The new version will also provide support for features and hosted options which were available in the Visual Cloud Manager solution. Visual Data Center now includes advanced features with IT and Virtual platforms which allow for very detailed data collection and controls for the IT assets in the application. In addition, the new platform will be leveraged for the SaaS based DCIM model for Optimum Path. Customers who require hosted solutions for their asset management and/or monitoring will now leverage the Visual Data Center platform instead of the Visual Cloud Manager platform which was the SaaS based solution previously.

With this release, Optimum Path also announces the discontinuation of development of the Visual Cloud Manager platform. The new Visual Data Center solution provides the core Visual Cloud Manager features in the web interface and other features are available in the 3D client from the Visual Data Center platform. Existing Visual Cloud Manager customers will receive technical support, which includes patch fixes to the existing versions, for their instances until December 31, 2017. Optimum Path will work with these customers to provide conversion services and training on the new Visual Data Center solution to ensure there are no disruptions of software functionality and use with this set of customers.

Optimum Path will continue to focus on its flagship and award winning Visual Data Center platform to ensure the highest degree of usability and quality while enhancing the data center management and monitoring capabilities. The roadmap includes exciting features such as a conversion to HTML5 for the wen interface, including additional 3D client features moved to the web interface, integration with third party data sources such as Service Now and Remedy, enhanced usability functions to reduce time to deploy and configure complex device and monitoring configurations and a new business intelligence tool to improve the capabilities for users to view, mine and configure data visualizations for the facilities and devices managed with the application.