Technology Partner

The Optimum Path software solutions provide a broad set of features and capabilities in the data center environment. For companies that have complementary technologies in the data center space we offer development and integration services to bundle your product’s functionality and information into the Optimum Path visual framework. These integrated solutions can then allow our OEM partners to offer a more robust software solution to their customer base with added features and functions that are not core to their particular solution set.

Benefits of becoming an OPI Technology/OEM Partner

  • Extensible Framework – Our solutions are built with the inherent capability to aggregate data from multiple data sources. This allows us to quickly and easily find ways to acquire your solution data and present it in line with our standard features and data sets. This is accomplished via standard monitoring protocols or custom protocols/API integration.
  • Branded Solution – OEM partners will have a branded solution to market and sell to their customer base as either a new product or premium add-on to the current solutions they own.
  • Fast Time to Market – Rather than work to develop the full feature set needed to present a compelling data center manage and monitor experience, OEM partners can leverage our existing solutions to very quickly embed their data and release products to market. This reduces the upfront and ongoing costs to maintain a software product and allows partners to focus on the sales and marketing aspects of the offering.
  • Feature Development – Joint product design and review sessions ensure the features created in the initial version of the solution as well as ongoing releases fit the needs of our partner technical, marketing and sales groups. This collaborative effort is the key to the success of the partnership and the resulting product.
  • Expand Market Reach- Drive new revenue across different markets, regions and industries with a new product offering.
  • Return on Investment– We offer flexible licensing options and royalty models to fit our partner’s business needs. Our goal is to ensure the success of the relationship with each party reaping rewards from the respective roles in the product strategy.
  • Dedicated Support – Dedicated resources for engineering, product management, integration, technical support, training and program management will ensure efficient execution of product plans.